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Eloqua api interactions using OAuth2

Hi, I am new to Eloqua and I'm totally lost. I hope this is the right place to pose this question, if not, please let me know where I should do so. My application is actually in C#, rather than JAVA and I'm trying to use Eloqua's apis.

I want to use 3 endpoints. One to get the base url, one to get the fields for a custom object and one to post to that custom object.

I am able to get to the 3 endpoints using BASIC authorization using my own user, but I want to use OAuth2 and I need to perform these calls without asking for user credentials (we are adding client information to our customObject). I.e. my application needs to have a client id and a client secret.

  1. Does this require that we create an app to extend Eloqua? I looked at the descriptions for various types of apps and the use cases that the mention seem to be more involved. But it looks like there is no other way to use OAuth 2. Is that correct? Is it not possible to use OAuth 2.0 to get at the Eloqua's api without the app wrapper layer?
  2. Assuming the answer to my first question is "Yes", the  resource owner password credentials grant seems to be the only option I have but the OAuth 2.0 needs client ID, client secret( comes from the app) and testsite and testuser and password? What is the testsite? Does that mean that I have to create a 'fake user' for my application and use its username and password? Is creating a 'bare bones' api, installing/publishing the app instance for that user enough? Would I be able to access Eloqua's api endpoints through there? Do I need to do anything else?

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