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Bug: Delete single existing element in Tree (Apex 19.2)


It seems that deleting an element in a Tree (Widget) doesn't work if that element is the only one:

 // Get tree

  var tree = $( "#HIERARCHYTREE_tree" );

  // Get tree selection

  var selection = tree.treeView( "getSelection" );

  // Remove chosen element from Hierarchy Tree

  var adapter = tree.treeView( "getNodeAdapter" );

  var nodesSelected = tree.treeView( "getNodes", selection ); 

  // Ugly workaround to make the deleteNode function happy: add an empty array to selected node if there is none

  nodesSelected[0].children = nodesSelected[0].children || [];

  // Remove node from tree

  adapter.deleteNode(nodesSelected[0], function(){

    tree.treeView('refresh'); // And finally the tree must be refreshed to see the node removed

  }, true);

Even tough I try to tell the deleteNode function there is a children array it fails:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'children' of null

  at Object.deleteNode (widget.treeView.min.js?v=

  at Object.javascriptFunction (f?p=107:25:4795512655365::::::1809)

  at Object.da.doAction (desktop_all.min.js?v=

  at Object.da.doActions (desktop_all.min.js?v=

  at l (desktop_all.min.js?v=

  at Object.da.resume (desktop_all.min.js?v=

  at Object.e [as callback] (desktop_all.min.js?v=

  at n (desktop_all.min.js?v=

  at Object.apex.event.trigger.H.success (desktop_all.min.js?v=

  at c (desktop_all.min.js?v=

So I have no clue where else the deleteNode function needs "children" in the structure. The same workaround works for adding a node:


-- Required, else error message of missing children (if there are no children, Apex does not append an empty array)

nodesSelected[0].children = nodesSelected[0].children || [];

adapter.addNode(nodesSelected[0], 0, nodeLabel, {id: nodeIdSelected, children: [], icon: "icon-tree-folder"}, function(){ 

      tree.treeView('refresh'); // And finally the tree must be refreshed to see the new node


Anyone knows a workaround to get that fixed?