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SQL Developer 20.2 - macOS I/O Error accessing Documents or Downloads

Guy-Oracle Member Posts: 9 Employee

Using latest version of SQL Developer on macOS (Catalina) and (both JDK 11 and 8) getting

I/O Error

The directory /Users/<username>/Documents is not accessible

Please select a different directory

My permissions are -

drwx------+ 4 XXXX staff  128B 20 Nov 10:32 Movies

drwx------+ 4 XXXX staff  128B 20 Nov 14:09 Music

[email protected] 9 XXXX staff  288B 21 Nov 13:43 Documents

drwx------+ 4 XXXX staff  128B 21 Nov 14:51 Desktop

[email protected] 11 XXXX staff  352B 21 Nov 16:19 Downloads

The strange thing is I can access Movies and Music without an issue and they have the same permissions...but not the @ sign , this is what I have -

[email protected] 9 XXXX staff  288B 21 Nov 13:43 Documents    72B

[email protected] 10 XXXX staff  320B 21 Nov 18:58 Downloads    72B

It seems the @ sign means this -

The extended attribute is governed by System Integrity Protection, so the only way to delete it is to disable SIP, or boot into another volume and delete it from there. Thus, once you implicitly grant special access to a file, you can't easily revoke that special access.

If I run the SQL Developer from the command line -


This allows me to access the Documents and Download directories (however it does ask me to give permission to access both directories to the application I used for run the shell script and NOT to SQL Developer)

e.g. Terminal

I get the same problem on earlier versions of SQL Developer.

This was working on a system which was upgraded to Catalina, however I've had to rebuild the laptop and now this does now work when using Vanilla Catalina.