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Application is not working

user11334489 Member Posts: 212 Blue Ribbon
edited Nov 22, 2020 2:16PM in General Database Discussions

HI Team,

My application is working in one database(app_db1) and it doesn't work in another database(app_db2).

Both databases have the same database objects and the data will be vary.

Environment - 

Oracle 11g

Java 1.6

Windows 10

How to find this bug. Is there any log file to understand this issue.

Thanks and Regards,



  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 28,600 Gold Crown

    You give us nothing to go on. Zero actionable information. You provide no error messages. You don't even tell us what is meant by "doesn't work".

    Since we know nothing about what is meant by "doesn't work", and know nothing about your application, we can't even tell you if there might be a log to start with.

    Normally when someone posts a request with insufficient infromation, they get back a comment to the effect of "Here's a picture of my car. Please tell me why my car doesn't run". Well, in this case you haven't even shown a picture of your car.

  • Hemendra.Singh
    Hemendra.Singh Member Posts: 26 Red Ribbon

    Hi ,

    Could you please share what error you are getting on application end.

    Please ans below Questions -

    1) Is your DB and listener services UP ?

    2) are you able to connect to DB from remote machine using sqlplus/sqldeveloper/toad or any other tool ?

    3) Do you see any error in DB alert logs ? , if yes please share the errors.

    you can check for alert log file -


    ASSUME DIAGNOSTIC_DEST=/u01/app/oracle and your database sid is ORCL so alert file will be .



    Hemendra Singh