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Expand tree not working in Apex 19.2?


Before I waste some other hours someone might confirm this is a bug in Apex...

Aim: I want to re-open a tree to the state where it was before I do the page reload.

There is an attribute called 'Selected Node Page Item' in the Attributes area of the tree widget. The inline help is very foggy about how it works nor there is an example:

This item is used to save tree state, by holding the value of the last selected node. The value of the selected node can be saved to the selected item via the node link attribute, or via a page process. When the page is reloaded, the tree is opened to the selected node value.

Exactly what I need, perfect! The big question here: What is meant by "value"? ID of the selected element in the tree, object, JQuery object, ... ? Only heaven knows...

So I create a hidden page item called P25_TREE_SELECT that will be filled with the 'value' to expand after page reload. Furthermore I set Selected Node Page Item to P25_TREE_SELECT.

I create a test button doing this in several Dynamic Actions:

-- Step 1: Set value to P25_TREE_SELECT

// Get tree

var tree = $( "#HIERARCHYTREE_tree" );

// Get adatapter data

var adapter = tree.treeView( "getNodeAdapter" );

// Get node of selection

var treeSelected = tree.treeView( "getSelectedNodes" );

// Option 1: Set selection as object

apex.item('P25_TREE_SELECT').setValue( treeSelected[0] );

// Option 2: Set ID of selected element in tree

apex.item("P25_TREE_SELECT").setValue( treeSelected[0].id );


-- Step 2: Make sure P25_TREE_SELECT is in session before page reload




-- Step 3: Page reload


After page reload the tree keeps closed, no matter I choose Option 1 or Option 2.

Anything else I have to send as "value" or did I miss anything? Any documentation or video showing how it should work (if it does)?