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I have installed vision instance of Oracle EBS 12 But I can find the port to access the link

I have been trying with the url but the message "Unable to connect" is shown everytime.

Please have me. Should I try with another port? What is that?

Or, is there any way to find the port in which I should try to run the application.



  • JohnWatson2
    JohnWatson2 Member Posts: 4,239 Bronze Crown

    When you installed EBS, you chose a port pool. The web listening port is 8000 plus the pool number. So if you chose pool 0, then it will be 8000. If you had chosen (for example) pool 8, it would be 8008.

    If you didn't bother to note which port pool you chose, you had better try a few ports going up from 8000. Or look at the install logs. Or the apps tier context file. And of course, there is always the possibility that you haven't started the apps tier services correctly.

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