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Node.js node-oracledb 5.1 supports Oracle Database 21's new OSON storage format for faster JSON

Christopher Jones-Oracle
Christopher Jones-Oracle Member Posts: 1,654 Employee

Following on from our huge mid-year release, the new node-oracledb 5.1 update has support for Oracle Database 21's new OSON storage format for JSON, giving faster query performance, more efficient updates, and reduced storage sizes for JSON applications. In node-oracledb 5.1 you can now directly bind JavaScript objects for insertion to JSON columns that use the new storage format.

For applications using Oracle named types or collections, a new 'POJO' flag can make access faster.

For applications that fetch query results to JavaScript objects, node-oracledb will now uniquely name the keys for duplicate column names, allowing all columns to be represented in the JavaScript object without needing the SQL to be modified.

Release announcement: