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UnmarshalColumnData: Unimplemented type

Ray007 Member Posts: 17 Bronze Badge

Can support be added for sub-cursors in queries?



cursor(select p.* from paycheques where employee_id = e.employee_id) as paycheques


emplyees e


  • Christian.Shay -Oracle
    Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 1,786 Employee

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Can you see if you can get acceptable results via a PL/SQL block? (eg BEGIN select ...; END; \)

  • Ray007
    Ray007 Member Posts: 17 Bronze Badge

    How would I get the cursor into the results window with a PL/SQL block? I was expecting something like in SQL Developer:

    • get a result set (table grid) in the results window for the employee table
    • the "paycheques" column would be displayed as buttons [...]
    • clicking on any of these buttons would execute the sub-cursor and display its result set below as a new table grid
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