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Shared Component - List of Values - slow to load on Oracle Cloud



  • Tomas Ibehej
    Tomas Ibehej Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

    We are facing same problems using Oracle Cloud, Apex 20.2. The first time we came across this problem was on "bare metal" custom installation. While searching for the cause, we switched to Autonomous Transaction Processing database which is available for Free Tier users as well.

    The problem is related not just to dynamic LOVs, but also to static Lists (not LOVs). After creating empty application, go to Shared Components -> Lists -> Desktop Navigation Bar -> any list entry (even "separator"). This opens list entry "Create / Edit" form (page 4052 of app 4000). There is no SQL to parse. Still, the form takes over 30s to open:

    We did not encounter the issue in environment. We have no access to Apex 20.2 on-premise installation.

    While the ATP issue is just annoying "bug?", since you have to wait a bit longer to load the page, the issue on bare metal (with custom installed Tomcat) resulted in error we need to get rid of. Sometimes it falls retively quickly on this error:

    Sometimes this error:

    Any help with this issue would be appreciated.