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All UOM appears on LOV Move Order Line

Hi There

I want to ask about Unit of Measurement(UOM)

When we want to create Move Order, on Move Order Line we pick items and the we choose the UOM

the question is, why all UOM appears on LOV even the item that i choose not having conversion to that UOM

And is it true if we do transaction and select the uom for items that do not having conversion, it will take it's primary uom from the item?



  • S23110
    S23110 Member Posts: 4 Red Ribbon


    It is the oracle flexiblity for the requestor to place move order with desired UOM.

    Though, if you need to have primary UOM only, please refer to below note:

    How to disable UOM's other than the Primary UOM of the item in Move Order Form using Form Personalization (Doc ID 825603.1)



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