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Week is number of weeks in that month

ricard888 Member Posts: 173 Bronze Badge
edited December 2020 in SQL & PL/SQL

I am trying to create a new column number of week (wk_no_in_month) in that month like the following output. To get week number is W - week number in a month but due to a new week begins every Saturday and on the first of every month it's not as simple I first thought. As you can see wk_no_in_month there 5 weeks in July and 1st week in August week number wrapped around back to 1 and so on.

The script was a solution carry on from my last post. I started to wrestle with it, but I right now I facing to find week number in a month. Please explain to me where I went wrong.

with test_data as (   

select 2021 as fy 

  from dual        

), fysd as (   

  select to_date(to_char(fy - 1) || '0701', 'yyyymmdd') as fy_start_dte 

  from test_data  

), fy_dates as (   

  select fy_start_dte + level - 1 as dt   

  from  fysd  connect by level <= add_months(fy_start_dte, 12) - fy_start_dte )

  select dt,    

      greatest( trunc(dt + 2, 'iw') - 2, trunc(dt, 'mm') ) as wk_start_dte,    

      least  ( trunc(dt + 2, 'iw') + 4, last_day(dt)  ) as wk_end_dte,    

      dense_rank() over (order by greatest(trunc(dt + 2, 'iw') - 2, trunc(dt, 'mm'))) as period_num,

      to_char(dt + 2,'iw') - to_char(trunc(dt,'mm'),'iw') wk_no_in_month -- I started to wrestle but is wrong solution

  from  fy_dates



Best Answers


  • mathguy
    mathguy Member Posts: 9,463 Gold Crown

    Yes. Even worse - NEXT_DAY doesn't allow a third argument for NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE. This has been discussed in the past, for example here: https://community.oracle.com/tech/developers/discussion/4023654/make-next-day-independent-of-the-invoking-sessions-nls-date-language and submitted as an enhancement request here: https://community.oracle.com/tech/apps-infra/discussion/4393874/add-optional-nls-date-language-parameter-to-next-day

    In any case - to make it entirely independent of NLS settings and without using magic values (a date "known to be" a Saturday), the query can be modified easily as follows. The helper subquery H returns the string SAT, which is the translation of 'Saturday' in the session's current NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE, the same language as will be used for NEXT_DAY.

    with dates (dt) as ( ........ )
    select d.dt, (next_day(d.dt, h.sat) - next_day(trunc(d.dt, 'mm'), h.sat))/7 + 1 as week_no_in_month
    from   dates d cross join (select to_char(trunc(sysdate, 'iw') + 5, 'Day') as sat from dual) h
    order  by dt
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