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About ResultSet::getColumnListMetaData () function to release collapse proble

Scene: when I perform a SQL statements (such as select * from table name), want to pass the ResultSet results were obtained after obtaining the result set column names, so I have a function (ResultSet: : getColumnListMetaData ()) can be used. However, after being used in the local function, an interrupt error will occur after the end of the local function. I doubt whether the release of vector fails.

The enclosed Demo:

int main()


oracle::occi::Environment *env = NULL;

oracle::occi::Connection *conn = NULL;

oracle::occi::Statement *stmt = NULL;

oracle::occi::ResultSet *res =NULL;

char usrName[] = "scott";

char usrPwd[] = "BRAnychat";

char connectStr[] = "";

env = Environment::createEnvironment();

conn = env->createConnection(usrName,usrPwd,connectStr);

string sqlStmt="select * from tb_distributedlock";

stmt = conn->createStatement(sqlStmt);

res = stmt->executeQuery(sqlStmt);


vector<MetaData> metafield = res->getColumnListMetaData();





return 0;


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