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OATS OpenScript v13.3.0.1 Chrome browser v86 (64-bit Windows 10 Pro) [email protected] crashes-GBDC

Henry Y.
Henry Y. Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Have successfully installed and recorded using OATS OpenScript v13.3.0.1 for Oracle EBS 12.2.8 on IE 11 web browser with webstart, JRE 1.8.0_211 and Oracle Forms invocation, but am receiving: "Error [email protected] has crashed" when recording changing default browser record/playback to Google Chrome browser (v86) on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit o/s.

According to OATS Documentation R13.2.0.1 / Functional Testing Open Script User's Guide / Appendix E Troubleshooting, the InstallBrowserHelpers.bat and UninstallBrowserHelpers.bat command line syntax only allows IE/FF/both (not Chrome), which implies perhaps Chrome is not supported in all scenarios in OATS R13 such as recording? In OATS R12, it was publicized that Chrome could be used for playback but not supported for recording?

Have googled "error [email protected] chrome" and searched MOS, no clear matches. There's a MOSC OATS webdom post under this Groundbreakers Developer Community regarding installation issues, but my install is reported successful. So I'm posting here for now, and as well will try to under EBS. I tried to post under 'Oracle Forms' community but was advised:

"This is the Forms standalone community.,. Generally speaking, you are trying to run forms (which are applets) via Chrome. Chrome no longer supports the java plugin, so you cannot run forms on chrome, unless you use webstart. Not sure if EBS supports that."

Any suggestions?