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Oracle Development

Dear Team

We have a software in house developed which is developed in oracle developer 2000 and database is oracle 8i on window 2003 OS. I would like to upgrade the OS, Database and then oracle develop 2000 to the latest one available in market.

Please suggest.


Vimal Pathak


  • Sylvain Martel
    Sylvain Martel Member Posts: 573 Bronze Trophy

    Hello User_OLHUY,

    It might be time to for your organization to leave Developer 2000 behind and move to a more 21st century development tool like APEX. I see an application or a system like a road. You can patch the road so many times but after a while all the patches make the road not usable and you need to redo the road completely.

    It looks like you might be at that stage (Oracle 8i / Developer 2000). Oracle Forms and Reports still exist pretty much in the same shape and form as back in 2000 (version 12c) so you can still put effort in developing our adapting using these technologies but it is a dead end in the long run.

    Good luck!

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