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APEX 20.2 - Links and Select List in Interactive Grid

lucile-a Member Posts: 9 Red Ribbon


I just upgrade from 19.2 to 20.2 and I have a bug in my IGs. I created an app on and the bug is there too.

  • In an IG, built with a SQL Query, I have a column Empno (number)
  • Instead of displaying the Empno in the IG, I would like to display the corresponding Lastname||Job of this employee (stored in another table). I use a Select List: the list of values is a Shared Component, it works, in the IG I see Lastname||Job instead of Empno
  • Now, I want to create a link. The target is a modal dialog with all employee's details. The link works, but the display is back to Empno...

To sum up, the Empno column displays Lastname||Job only if there is no link defined. In 19.2, even with a link, the Empno column displayed Lastname||Job.

How can I display Lastname||Job in my Empno column when this column has a defined link?

Online demo: (user demo / demoig20)

Thank you for your help and have a nice holiday season!


Best Answer

  • Hilary Farrell-Oracle
    Hilary Farrell-Oracle Software Development Senior Manager Member Posts: 2,406 Employee
    Answer ✓

    Hi Lucile,

    The behaviour you've reported seeing is a change in behaviour, and is listed in section 9.1.1 Interactive Grid Cell Shows LOV Return Value Rather Than Display Value of our APEX 20.2 Release Notes. As outlined in section 9.1.1.:

    Prior to this release, when you used a column symbol substitution for a LOV column, it would substitute the LOV display value.

    Now, the column symbol substitution return value is consistent with the way the server handles symbol substitution.

    Update column substitutions attributes (such as HTML Expression and Link Text) by adding %display to the syntax. For example: change &COLUMN_NAME. to &COLUMN_NAME%display.

    So I've updated your testcase app to demonstrate the use of the new syntax i.e. &COLUMN_NAME%display. and well as another workaround, which is to just leave the Link Text attribute blank.