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Add the CEILING alias for the CEIL function

iwis Member Posts: 12 Green Ribbon

I propose to add the CEILING alias for the CEIL function.

The CEILING function is in ANSI SQL Standard, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server.

Scalar SQL functions differ quite significantly among RDBMS. This step will reduce this difference. Other changes in RDBMS proposed by me are here:

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  • ShankarS-Oracle
    ShankarS-Oracle Member Posts: 224 Employee

    SQL Macros of type SCALAR make this possible in Oracle Database 21c onwards,i believe.

  • User_H3J7U
    User_H3J7U Member Posts: 1,062 Gold Trophy
    SQL> create operator ceiling
         binding (number)        return number        using ceil,
                 (binary_float)  return binary_float  using ceil,
                 (binary_double) return binary_double using ceil;
    SQL> select ceiling(123.456d) from dual;