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Deploying Microservices in Kubernetes Workshop

During this workshop, we are instructed to download a chart from

However, anonymous access to this was denied. I found that I was able to work around this with:

helm repo add stable


  • Madhusudhan_Rao-Oracle
    Madhusudhan_Rao-Oracle Posts: 70 Employee
    edited Jan 4, 2021 4:51AM


    We have reached to workshop owner Tim about this ,

    regards, Madhu

  • TimGraves-Oracle
    TimGraves-Oracle UKMember Posts: 7 Employee


    Many thanks for reporting this.

    The labs still had an entry to add the old "stable" helm chart repo which has was deprecated in late 2020, and some time in late December 2020 seems to have been removed. Attempts to do helm repo updates with this oin the repo list produced an error which was not fatal (we didn't actually use any charts from the "stable" repo) but it did look concerning. I've updated the lab instructions to remove the "add" of the "stable" repo, and also removed references in the helm repo update.

    Thanks again for letting us know of this glitch.

    Cheers, Tim

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