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Data Input - Oracle Machine Learning on Autonomous Database Workshop

User_LLU87 Member Posts: 1 Employee

Hello - Thanks for this comprehensive OML workshop. I'm trying to leverage this for a financial customer who is interested in credit scoring model using machine learning. Currently, they take loan approval decisions based on business rules of threshold credit scores supplied by the credit bureaus. They don't approve a loan to a customer without a credit score. I'm hoping to create a business case showing how ML can help even for customers without a credit scores thereby offering the customer an opportunity for business growth. I would like to show a comparison how ML-based credit score closely tracks the credit score from credit bureau. To do this, I'm looking for an additional column of FICO score in the credit_scoring_100k.csv dataset. If this information is available, can you please share so I can develop a persuasive business case for the customer? Thank you.