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Solved - javame 8.3 - proxy.jar - timeout and reconnect

nel23FX Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon
edited Jan 6, 2021 2:10PM in Java Programming

Hello, I've a Raspberry PI 3b. I run a MIDlet propetly by the proxy console command : ams-run 0

But, my wifi connection is very bad, so when I download to my desktop by scp command a big log file, it seem to overfit a connection timeout and the proxy.jar log EOF , the MIDlet is stopped and proxy.jar do a net-reconnect by himself. But the MIDlet is now stopped.

My question, what is the parameters is for enlarging this kind of timeout or I've seen I can put the MIDlet as autostart running mode but the oracle-MIDlet-Autostart in the JAD file has no effect and the MIDlet must by restarted manually.

I do not want to control the state of my MIDlet always and don't want to do the push method. I want to enlarge the timeout or put my MIDlet on autorestart mode when the proxy reconnect.

The book and doc on the JavaMe 8.3 and early not clearly explain these properties for proxy.jar nor autostart's permission functionment

thanks for all


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