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19c Grid Installation on Windows - INS-40930 Error Nodes were not resolvable during host IP address

User_T0IDW Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon
edited Jan 11, 2021 7:33AM in Database Installation

Hi All,

I have a Hyper-V VM environment with Windows Server 2019 and I installed an Oracle 19c database on. My goal is to create a SEHA setup, so I initially attempted to install the Grid infrastructure 19, but failed due to the subject heading error. I decided to bypass the Grid installation and successfully setup the database environment. I then cloned the VM onto another SAN. I'm now attempting to install the grid infrastructure, but keep hitting the same wall again and again.

I've modified my host file on both VMs to include their private, public, vip and scan IPs(commented out). Below is what my host file looks like:       localhost
#   ::1             localhost

# Public oracle0-dev oracle1-dev

# Private oracle0-dev-priv oracle1-dev-priv

# Virtual oracle0-dev-vip oracle1-dev-vip

# oracle-scan
# oracle-scan
# oracle-scan

I have added host entries for the public IPs for the two 2 nodes and the 3 scan IPs. I've used diskpart and asmtool to create the ASM disks. I downloaded the grid infrastructure software and extracted the contents. I ran the pre-checks with this command  .\runcluvfy.bat stage -pre crsinst -n oracle0-dev,oracle1-dev -verbose Everything passed so I started the Grid Software installation. When I get to the "Cluster Node Information" section my installation fails with error INS-40912: Virtual host name: oracle0-dev-vip is assigned to another system on the network. When I comment out the VIP entries in the host file, the installation come back with the error INS-40930 - nodes were not resolvable during host IP address lookup.

This is where I've been stuck for the last few days and it's driving me crazy as all the documentation I've read have the VIP IPs in the host file. How can I allow my installation to resolve the VIP if I can't add it to my host file or DNS?

I need another pair of eyes to help me understand what I'm missing here. Have I missed something with my network configuration?


  • Mudasir Hakak
    Mudasir Hakak Member Posts: 135 Bronze Badge


    Based on the details shared by you, It is quite visible the issue here is with the VIP and you are trying to comment SCAN IPs in host file.

    error INS-40912: Virtual host name: oracle0-dev-vip

    Since you have cloned the VM these IP's may still be assigned/config to the old VM or some other hosts on the network. 

    My suggestion are :

    1. Firstly ensure that all the IP's (SCAN+VIP+Private) are not assigned on any other host, in this case VIP seems to be the problem and seems they are assigned to other host on your network.

    2. VIP and SCAN IPs should be ideally resolvable through DNS, which in your case doesn't seem true as the moment you comment the scan IP's on the host, you are hitting INS-40930. you can try to use nslookup and see if all these IPs VIP/SCAN IP's are resolvable through DNS.

    3. As a workarround you can put these IP's in host file and continue with installation but you need to ensure POINT 1 above.

    Hope this helps!!


  • User_T0IDW
    User_T0IDW Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    Thanks Mudasir for your response. I'm still experiencing this problem as none of the IPs are assigned to any other host. I've gone ahead an lodged an SR with Oracle.