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Wallet location set in VSCode settings is ignored

User_ZZQ0F Member Posts: 34 Green Ribbon

Wallet location is taken from file: .\client\NETWORK\ADMIN\sqlnet.ora insead of location provided in VSCode settings.



  • Is this in a running script where you issued a CONNECT command in the script itself?

    Or are you simply associating a file with a connection shown in Oracle Explorer?

    Finally, can you go to the connection dialog and verify that you checked "Use Wallet File" and verify that the Wallet File Location in the connection dialog is correct?

  • User_ZZQ0F
    User_ZZQ0F Member Posts: 34 Green Ribbon

    I am not using created connections, but I am using CONNECT command directly in scripts.

  • Hi, 

    We just released version 19.3.4 which should fix this issue. Could you please try it out and let me know?

  • User_ZZQ0F
    User_ZZQ0F Member Posts: 34 Green Ribbon

    looks like it is still taking path from: .\client\NETWORK\ADMIN\sqlnet.ora

    instead of setting parameter: changing oracledevtools.connectionConfiguration.walletFileFolder

  • Can you please provide some more details of what exactly you are doing?

    For example:

    1) what is your connect statement?

    2) Why did you mention sqlnet.ora? Is there a path in the sqlnet.ora itself that is being ignored? If so please provide your sqlnet.ora as well.

  • In addition to my last two questions can you please also let me know:

    3) Please send your settings for "Config Files Folder" and "Wallet File Folder"

    4) In your "Config Files Folder" , do you have a tnsnames.ora and a sqlnet.ora ?

    5) If you have a sqlnet.ora, is WALLET_LOCATION set in sqlnet.ora ?

    6) The connect command you are issuing in your script (without the password)

  • User_ZZQ0F
    User_ZZQ0F Member Posts: 34 Green Ribbon

    I believe that oracledevtools.connectionConfiguration.walletFileFolder is to tell the extension location of the wallet. That means that based on provided path the extension should access the wallet and take passwords while wallet connection is created in VSCode ora while using directly CONNECT /@MY_DB. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    My sqlnet.ora file:

    Setting in VSCode:

    Extension takes "C:\\Dane\\config\\wallet" from sqlnet.ora instead of "C:\\Dane\\config\\second_wallet" provided in extension.

    I believe its a bug. If not the parameter oracledevtools.connectionConfiguration.walletFileFolder is useless and should be deleted.

  • Hi,

    Please see my post in your other thread. I think they are possibly the same issue.

    If you are connecting using:


    And your SQLNET.ORA contains:


    If so, this means you are on Windows and are using OS Authentication. The password is NOT coming from the wallet. It is coming from the Windows OS. The wallet is not involved. Generally the wallet is used to secure the network connection, not for authentication of a user id (not always - there is something called "global userid" but I don't think that is the case here).

    So the question becomes, did you ever get this working in the past? It may be an OS Authentication issue. If you aren't on Windows, maybe you got this SQLNET.ORA from a Windows system and it is not valid here. If so please let me know what platform you are on, and if any other tools are able to connect on that system and how they are configured.

  • User_ZZQ0F
    User_ZZQ0F Member Posts: 34 Green Ribbon

    Thanks for your answer in my second thread.

    My answers:

    My questions:

    • If I understand correctly the oracle wallet (Secure External Password Store) works kinda like password-less ssh connection, right?
    • Could you please tell me what is the following setting parameter for?:

    changing oracledevtools.connectionConfiguration.walletFileFolder

  • Christian.Shay -Oracle
    Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 2,169 Employee
    edited Mar 25, 2021 5:39PM

    Thanks for the detailed response! I am following up with the engineering team.

    One more question: If you put the wallet in a different location can you get this to work with the vs code extension?

    To (try to ) answer your question:

    1) In most cases the wallet secures the connection and then users provide a database user/pass on top of that. So the dialog takes user/pass, tns location, and wallet location. But in your case you are using Secure External Password Store which seems to use the wallet to also store the password. (This is not my area of expertise so I am following up)

    2) oracledevtools.connectionConfiguration.walletFileFolder is just the default folder that any connection that uses a wallet is supposed to get it from. If you specify a wallet and it is not coming from that location, but instead is coming from somewhere else, I believe that is a bug. (that we thought we had fixed in 19.3.4)