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I try to patch RAC 12cr1 on AIX with error using opatchauto to gi home

Amin Chavarria
Amin Chavarria Member Posts: 124 Bronze Badge

# opatchauto apply /u01/software/23273686 -oh /u01/app/12.1.0/grid -analyze

OPatchauto session is initiated at Wed Jan 20 22:33:41 2021

OPATCHAUTO-72083: Performing bootstrap operations failed.

OPATCHAUTO-72083: The bootstrap execution failed because OPATCHAUTO-72049: Script execution failed.

OPATCHAUTO-72049: Script execution failed due to {0}.

OPATCHAUTO-72049: Please correct the environment and rerun opatchauto..

OPATCHAUTO-72083: Fix the reported problem and re-run opatchauto.

OPatchauto session completed at Wed Jan 20 22:33:50 2021

Time taken to complete the session 0 minute, 10 seconds

opatchauto bootstrapping failed with error code 255.