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New Release: ODT for Visual Studio 2019 v19.3.2 with support for ODP.NET Unmanaged

Christian.Shay -Oracle
Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 1,965 Employee


We just released Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2019 version 19.3.2:

This release primarily adds support for ODP.NET Unmanaged with Visual Studio 2019 designers that generate code, such as EF Designer/Table Adapter wizard etc. Now, if you connect in Server Explorer with ODP.NET Unmanaged, the code that is generated will use ODP.NET Unmanaged.

A few comments about this release:

1) In the past we had Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) installs for ODT with ODP.NET Unmanaged. This release is the first release that instead uses a VSIX. The ODP.NET unmanaged included in this VSIX is used by ODT to generate code and is not designed to be easy for end users to use, so you may still want to separately install ODP.NET unmanaged 19.3 for use by your project (eg: )

2) If you are using ODP.NET Managed, we modified the connection strings in auto generated code to use the new TNS_ADMIN and WALLET_LOCATION connection string attributes. These attributes are only supported in ODP.NET Managed version 19.10 or later. So you will need to upgrade ODP.NET Managed in your project if you are using designers to auto generate code.

Release notes:


  • akabook
    akabook Member Posts: 9 Blue Ribbon

    Drives me crazy.

    Find text functionality is so broken searching both in .sql files and editing code window.

    Find (Ctrl + F) functionality in .sql files is broken.

    It searches but uses Find in files which shows results in "find ..." window.

    Double clicking result does not open / position cursor to the line where result is found.


    Find in DB source code "Editing Stored procedure from Server explorer"

    Uses regular Find window. But only adding characters into search windows textbox is supported. Pressing delete key does not delete character in search textbox it actually deletes character in the code. That bug is here forever since first ODT I have used.