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Is there a report that has a search filter for one column but applies to other columns?

Idkfa2 Member Posts: 137 Red Ribbon

Hello all,

I think what I'm looking for is the facet search, but wanted to make sure that's what I need.

I have one table with column APPT_DATE and another table with RCHDL_DT1, RCHDL_DT2, and RCHDL_DT3. The user uses APPT_DATE to search a date range.

Is there a way that when the search criteria for APPT_DATE is selected (say a date range), that the date range will be searched in columns RCHDL_DT1, RCHDL_DT2, and RCHDL_DT3 in another table if I can join the tables?




  • Sylvain Martel
    Sylvain Martel Member Posts: 859 Gold Trophy

    Hello KK,

    There are many ways to achieve this (Classic Report or Interactive Report with a parameter region, etc.). Faceted search is one of them. If you SQL query is doing a UNION ALL, the faceted search will be executed on the full result set, so it should satisfy your requirement.

    Maybe I don't understand your requirement but it seems to me that the magic is in the SQL statement.

    Hope this helps!