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How can I show other database schemas as a source in an APEX Report or Form?

carkxg Member Posts: 15 Blue Ribbon

I've recently migrated from APEX v5 to v19 and am having some trouble creating reports and forms on tables in schemas outside the main workspace schema. You can see from the screenshot below that I can currently only see the 'Parsing Schema' and one other database schema called 'DO' in the Table Owner dropdown menu that's within the Source of the report.

I'd like to be able to see tables from two other schemas, i.e. 'GIS' and 'PROD'.

So far I have managed to log in to the INTERNAL workspace as ADMIN, and have assigned the schemas using the 'Manage Workspace to Schema Assignments' page which looks as follows...

You can see that I have successfully added the DO, GIS, and PROD schemas. But when I log in as the workspace admin in order to create tables or forms in an application, I only see the DO user schema in the dropdown for the source of the table or form.

How can I fix it so that I can see the GIS and PROD schemas in Table Owner dropdown so that I can access those tables?

If it helps, you can see a table report that I originally set up on APEX v5 that was able to access the GIS schema (because I was able to actually type 'GIS' as the table owner instead of being restricted by a dropdown menu)...

Now it shows as 'GIS (Invalid)' but it still works.


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