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Is it possible to build a fleet management web app through Oracle Apex?

Also, how could one integrate lets say a Teltonika GPS tracker to send data to the site? Thanks in advance


  • Sylvain Martel
    Sylvain Martel Member Posts: 742 Silver Trophy

    Hello User,

    You question is pretty broad but I guess the short answer is yes.

    APEX allows to present information and execute transaction on oracle objects (views, tables, pl/sql, etc.), consume web services (SOAP or REST), integrate web technologies like NodeJS, Oracle JET, and pretty much anything that can be accessed with an IP address.

    Can we build a fleet management app? For sure. Can we access GPS tracking devices? For sure if they can be exposed somehow (which I assume they could).

    It looks like this would be an advanced type of application but if you are searching for Oracle APEX experts, they will ask you "when can we start!"

    Hope this helps!

  • User_NQW0T
    User_NQW0T Member Posts: 2

    Thank you for your answer. Yes the trackers can be "exposed" and i will look in to the manner a little more deeply when a batch of them comes around with witch i can experiment