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FAST materialized view refresh Vs Oracle Golden Gate. Which is better and cost effective ?

As of now, we are using Oracle COMPLETE refresh method Materialized View which is refreshing 40 million records everyday through dB-link tables of remote database.

But remote database team is complaining as it is impacting their database and suggesting us to use oracle golden gate ( GG ) method to pull data.

I'm thinking of using FAST MV refresh method instead of Oracle Golden Gate as it would quicker to implement.

Can anyone tell me if FAST MV refresh is as good as golden gate approach ? What are pros and cons of both ways ?

Regards, Pravin


  • Paulzip
    Paulzip Member Posts: 8,489 Blue Diamond

    In summary...

    1. Using MVs with fast refresh is free, very simple to setup and maintain, it actually has good performance.
    2. Golden Gate costs money (it's a paid option), is more involved to setup, has more complexity, but is far more flexible.

    I use 1. and have done for years. It just works.