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Advanced connection options: SSH Tunnels / Kerberos for VS Code?

Simon_DBA Member Posts: 44 Bronze Badge

Love the extension and Oracle's commitment to VS Code.

Curious though if (independently) the following advanced connection types will be supported like they are with SQL Developer:

  1. Connecting through an SSH tunnel (to an SSH host with port forwarding to the DB Server)?
  2. Kerberos authentication? (Might need an Oracle client for the "strong authentication" options?)

Thoughts on these possibilities?



  • Simon_DBA
    Simon_DBA Member Posts: 44 Bronze Badge

    Actually, upon further testing, connections over an SSH tunnel works fine with this extension if the tunnel is created externally.

    Example: ssh -f [email protected] -L 1521:localhost:1521 -N

    Then the VS Code setting as:

        "oracledevtools.connections": [ 
                "authenticationType": 2,
                "dBAPrivilege": "None",
                "userID": "SYSTEM",
                "passwordSaved": false,
                "dataSource": "localhost:1521/ORCL",
                "connectionType": 2,
                "databaseHostName": "localhost",
                "databasePortNumber": "1521",
                "databaseServiceName": "ORCL",
                "name": "SYSTEM.ORCL",
                "currentSchema": "",
                "tnsAdmin": "/Users/MyName/Oracle/network/admin"

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