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Error in MySQL trying to connect: Couldn't uncompress communication packet


We have a C application that connects to MySQL Server.

After a period of working fine, when we try to connect to MySQL Server we have the following error:

2021-02-19T04:28:35.663957Z 209965 [Note] Aborted connection 209965 to db: '<DBNAME>' user: '<USERNAME>' host: '<HOSTNAME>' (Couldn't uncompress communication packet)

And we are not able to establish the connection.

MySQL Server version: 5.7.31

C connectors version: mysql connector/c 6.1.11

The connection is established using SSL certificates. During some days, the service is working fine, but after this, we have this error and we are not able to connect to MySQL. We need to restart the C component to be able to connect to DB. We think there is an issue with the SSL packets because the error that MySQL displays is that it is not able to uncompress the packet.

Can anyone guide us when the error happens? 

Thanks in advance!