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How to properly import a page from "another" application? (Apex 19.2)


I have developed an Apex Application in 19.2. Now we want it to bring to Production. I was able to export the whole application from DEV to PROD. In the nature of changes I have to do enhancements in between of single pages. Now when I want to import a single page in PROD that I have exported DEV it stops on the install step:

This page was exported from a different application or from an application in different workspace. Page cannot be installed in this application.

Per se it's the same application on another DB, in a different Workspace. The only one obvious difference is:

DEV application ID: 107

PROD application ID: 100 (I can't change this in Application Properties, nor its alias)

I've found nothing about this in documentation:

I've found this scary link where there are some manual changes which I want to avoid.

Target: Export single pages from DEV environment, import to PROD environment WITHOUT any manual changes and no Apex complaints/errors.

Question: What do I have to do to to achieve this goal? In what way the application have to be the "same"?

Thank you


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  • peter_raganitsch
    peter_raganitsch Member Posts: 1,076 Silver Trophy

    To make this work easily you should have the same workspace-id and the same application-id on both systems, DEV and PROD.

  • John like many others
    John like many others Member Posts: 113 Blue Ribbon
    Answer ✓

    Thank you for the clear answer! I try this out and will let you know how it worked.

  • John like many others
    John like many others Member Posts: 113 Blue Ribbon

    It worked with same Workspace-ID and same Application-ID BUT some other parts have to be considered as well, else same blocking message:

    On export the whole application:

    • Export Preferences -> Export with Original IDs must be set to active

    On import the whole application:

    • "Install" step: Reuse Application ID <nnn> From Exported File

    Then you will be able to export/import pages without blocking messages.

  • AndyH
    AndyH Member Posts: 804 Bronze Trophy

    You can import the entire application into your workspace allowing APEX to assign a random APP_ID.

    From your existing application you can then use the "create page" "page as copy" to copy the page from the imported application.

    John like many others
  • peter_raganitsch
    peter_raganitsch Member Posts: 1,076 Silver Trophy


    you are right about the "Reuse Application Id", but you shouldn't use "Export with Original IDs".

    "Export with Original IDs" doesn't have any effect on an application developed from scratch, but it changes the IDs to some old values if your application is a result of an import or copy of another application.

    StewStrykerNHJohn like many others