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How to get around dbms_datapump max filter size in api

RLOG Member Posts: 30 Red Ribbon
edited Feb 26, 2021 2:58PM in APEX Discussions

Not APEX per se, but hoping someone might know the answer.

In datapump to get around the 4000 character limit of exclude / include lists you can put something like this in your par file on the command line -

EXCLUDE=TABLE:"NOT IN (select table_name from my_list)"

Does anyone know the equivalent from the plsql api?

I have tried using the following, where l_tbl_list is a clob, but get an invalid argument value (it works when the list is small). I also tried doing a select query (this would be my preferred option if it's possible) as above but that was invalid as well.


     handle   => l_datapump_handler

    ,name    => 'NAME_EXPR'

    ,value    => 'IN ('||l_tbl_list||')'

    ,object_type => 'TABLE');

Thanks in advance.