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Oracle 19c CDB/PDB CPU caging


What is the recommended best practice to control resource utilization for CPU resources at CDB and PDB level?

  1. Define/set CDB CPU_COUNT and enable default resource manager and then set CPU_COUNT at PDB level (within each PDB) and enable resource manager within PDB?
  2. Define/Set CDB CPU_COUNT and enable resource manager at CDB level and then use the resource manager to create a performance profile at PDB level using shares?





  • Billy Verreynne
    Billy Verreynne Software Engineer Cape TownMember Posts: 28,976 Red Diamond

    What are the business requirements?

    Hard limits can be problematic. If for example a hard limit of 10% CPU utilisation is used, with 50% of the current CPU being idle and unused - that additional 50% of available CPU cannot be used, despite CPU availability, due to the 10% hard limit.

    Resources (CPU & memory & I/O) not used are wasted resources. It cannot be "saved" for future use as if there is some kind of resource savings account to draw resources against sometime in the future.

  • handsup
    handsup Member Posts: 23 Red Ribbon

    It is recommended to use a resource manager to manage database resources, which can be assigned to different database resources for different sessions.

    Using package dbms_resource_manager;

  • user591200
    user591200 Member Posts: 42 Bronze Badge

    @Billy Verreynne,

    These are PROD boxes, Three node rac migration from AIX to Linux. As of now, these databases are CDB: PDB (1:1), running as three distinct instances in AIX.

    On the Linux side, we are planning to onboard all three into a single CDB multitenant instance. No plans to over-provision instances. they will be rightsized to forecasted workloads. (CPU/Memory will be allocated accordingly but no I/O profiles will be implemented as of now)

    The environment is not Exadata.

    Hope this helps.