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Liquibase in SQLcl 20.4 does not emit schema

DAlvarez72 Member Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon
edited Mar 2, 2021 5:19PM in SQLcl

We were using Liquibase with SQLcl 19.4 to apply changes between different databases. We connected to one general schema (where Liquibase control tables were created) and we launched the different changelogs from there, applying changes in different schemas as of SQLcl was prefixing them with the schema coming in the xml file.

After upgrading to SQLcl 20.4, this is no longer working. If we don’t use the emit_schema flag, objects are not prefixed (obviously) and they are created in the connecting general schema. But if we force the emit_schema flag, instead of using the schema name coming from the changeset xml file, it’s using the connecting schema, so it’s creating objects where they don’t belong to.

Has anybody the same problem? Is it a bug? I couldn’t find anything neither in the release notes, nor in the community, nor in Oracle Support.

Thanks in advance, David.