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Java Memory Leak

User_WVI3I Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hi Team,

We had migrated our application from java 8 to java 11 (Oracle OpenJDK 11). Maximum heap memory set was 4 GB. When the application processes large volume of transactions, the memory utilization in TaskManager shows 13 GB (where the system RAM is 16 GB) and this utilization is never coming down even after the processing of transactions is completed.

We configured JVisualVM and JProfiler tools to identify the objects holding the memory. But we could see the (heap) memory usage 3GB and releases this memory after process completion. But Task Manager utilization shows 13 GB and is not releasing the memory until we restart the application.

This issue is reproducing on specific environment with Windows 2016 server +oralce Open JDK 11.0.8+ 16GB RAM.

Any inputs/clues to address this issue would be a great help.


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