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ERROR: Unknown parameter or bad value supplied controller.xml

User_7Z577 Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hi there,

I do have some isses with using liquibase with sqlcl. Maybe there is someone out here, who can help.

I tried sqlcl in version 20.4 and 20.3.

I am trying to export a schema and import it into another db, so let us call them DB1 and DB2.


1) "sql user/[email protected]"

2) lb genschema

successfully creates xml files for each object in the user-schema + a file "controller.xml" which contains a reference to all that xml files.

Trying to put this schema to DB2, so doing that from the folder where the xmls are stored in.

1) "sql user/[email protected]"

2) lb update controller.xml

Result in error:

"Verarbeitung der Anforderung nicht erfolgreich.

ERROR: Unknown parameter or bad value supplied controller.xml"

("Verarbeitung der Anforderung nicht erfolgreich" means "Processing of request not successful")

Am I using wrong syntax? Anyone expierenced this issue before?

Thanks in advance!


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