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How to dynamically change the user in 'request Information' link of iProc Requisition notification

User_E97G7 Member Posts: 35 Green Ribbon

Hi Experts,

We are using R12.2.3

Hi Team,

We are working on enabling the Workflow for iProc Requisitions. We are receiving mail and we are able to take actions from it without any issues. But, we have a new requirement where we want to change the user in 'Request Information' link. Let me explain with an example

1. ABC created PR and sent it for approval to XYZ

2. XYZ received mail to take action

3. Now, XYZ clicked on 'Request Information' link and requested more info from ABC

4. Now, ABC responded and so XYZ took action and everything is ok.

Now, the requirement is, when XYZ clicked on 'Request Information', instead of ABC it has to show PR_TEAM(lets say we created this user)

Can you please let me know from where the details in 'Request Information' is coming? Is it allowed to change the value dynamically? If yes, then how?

Please note, here, it should not be always PR_TEAM, if the approver is CEO, then instead of PR_TEAM, we need to show as DIRECTOR. But, I can say that it is second level of requirement

Thanks in Advance,


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