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Looking for smartUpgrade.jws

User_F50BD Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

We have a need to convert a single OC4J app to be able to run on Weblogic. (yes I know that OC4J apps are ancient and 10gAS is way out of support)

When looking for a way to do this, I saw mention of an Oracle tool named smartupgrade.jws that could be used in conjunction with JDeveloper to do this migration.

Unfortunately, it doesnt seem to be on technet any more and all other attempts to locate it are yielding nothing.

Since this is a developer community, my hope is that at least one of you would still have access to the zip and could either send it to me or point me to a link that I could download it from.

I accept all of the disclaimers at this time. The app server is going away soon and need to rehost the app on weblogic for a short time until we can find a suitable replacement option.

Any takers?

My email is [email protected]

I really appreciate your involvement in helping me get over this hump.