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I have an error when trying to export SQL scripts, any idea how to resolve this?

Jasper Tanglib
Jasper Tanglib Member Posts: 74 Red Ribbon
edited Mar 10, 2021 3:46AM in APEX Discussions

I navigated to SQL Scripts \ Export SQL Scripts and filtered the Owner field who owns the script I want to export. I left the other fields by default where Find field is blank and Row field is 10. When I click the "Go" button it will display "report error: ORA-01722: invalid number".

Here are some things I tried but it returned the same error:

  1. Filtered the Owner field as "- All Users -".
  2. Changed the Row field value from 10 to the other values.
  3. Entered an existing script name in the Find field.

Am I doing something wrong, something missing, or could this be a bug?

Apex version 20.2

Any suggestions or idea is appreciated.