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How to customize ojet Chart highlight labels hide Several labels

User_RPM7N Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon

We would like to highlight a specific label of our X-Axis

Actually we highlight our selected Object of our charts with the following call

function( options ) { 

     options.dataFilter = function( data ) { 

     for (var i=0; i <data.series[0].items.length; i++) {

             if ( data.series[0].items[i].name ==$("#P1_OBJECT_NAME").val()) {

                    data.series[0].items[i].pattern = "smallChecker";



     return data;


   return options;


we have lots of values and so the loading process take too much time ( only caused by this function!!!!🙄, not caused by the SQL!!!!)

2 Reasons why we would like to change our highlighting:

1) Performance like mentioned above

2)We have stacked bars and already lots of colors🍭


Our question:


1) Is there a way to highlight a label after Refresh


in Advanced JavaScript Initialization Code without performance problems

2) In some cases we we like to hide negative labels of our Y-Axis. Is the a way after refresh or in the

Advanced JavaScript Initialization Code

MANY THANKS in advance and greetings from Munich🙂

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