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MySQL Replication to InnoDB Cluster

user619241 Member Posts: 17 Blue Ribbon


We have a few MySQL databases running in 5.x. For example, we have (2) instances running 5.5 version, and (1) instance running 5.1 version. Those instances are either running in MyISAM or InnoDB storage engine, but not in type of any MySQL cluster environment. The binlog_format is all set to mixed.

I created a freshly new MySQL InnoDB cluster. We need to replicate the existing database instances into the cluster. My thought is to create MySQL either A-B replication topology, or A-B-C replication topology. For example, for version 5.5, the database instance replicate to the cluster running 8.0.22 version; for version 5.1, the database instance replicate to a intermediate instance of 5.5 version, then replicate to the cluster running 8.0.22. The cluster database instance has binlog_format set to rows.

Are those replication possible to do?

Is there any Oracle document detail for replicating a MySQL instance to InnoDB cluster?