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Unable to Synchronize - missing / crossed-out connections and how to change them (SQL DDM 20.4)

AndyH Member Posts: 642 Bronze Trophy

I'm trying to Synchronize Data Dictionary a change in a relational view to the database.

All the options for 'Select Connections for Synchronize' are crossed-out, no idea what this means!

'Redirect Connection' allows me to select a connection, but I need to change where that connection points to (we've just upgraded and moved databases). How do I change the connection details? I thought that they used to show up on the left, but I don't see them.

Unfortunately, I don't use SQL DDM frequently enough to remember where all the settings are kept, but I think that I've clicked as many 'preferences', 'features', 'properties' and 'settings' as I could find without coming across anything useful.

Any ideas?

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