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Fixing Headers and More than 1 Column on Report

SteveQuinlivan Member Posts: 45 Red Ribbon

Morning all,

I am looking for the best method to freeze the header row and the 1st 2 or 3 columns of a report.

At the moment i am using the Insum Freeze Headers & Column plugin, and using version 19.2 of apex.

The plugin has been assigned as a DA to a Classic report region, with the template set as Interactive Report.

This has been working fine, and then suddenly I'm experiencing a strange issue that on the page load event the table fails to draw on the page. I know the region has loaded, but the actual table / rows fail to show. if i run a refresh DA the table shows, and if i click of the page and back on it fails to load again.

Is there a native / more stable solution? and ideally can I freeze more than the 1st column?