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How to connect to Oracle sql developer XE

Respected Sir/Mam ,

I am Venkatesh Nishtala working in a private organization at Chennai ,India.

I have installed Oracle Sql Developer XE in my personal laptop few days ago. While installing it did not ask any username or password to be entered.

At the time of connecting to DB it is asking the User Name and Password and other credentials like Host Name, port and service Name.

Can anybody assist me what to give regarding these.

I have installed regarding my practice purpose.

Please let me know the credentials or what is the alternative way to get connected .

Your early response is highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,



  • L. Fernigrini
    L. Fernigrini Data Engineer Sr Consultant Member Posts: 3,851 Silver Crown

    There is no Oracle SQL Developer XE.

    There is an oracle database edition, called XE (eXpress Edition) that is free to use, and there is also a tool called Oracle SQL Developer that allows you to connect to any Oracle database (XE, EE, SE).

    In order to connect to a database using SQL Developer, you need to know (at least to connect in a simple way) 5 things

    • Server name or IP where the database is running
    • Port where the Listener is listening
    • Name of the Service
    • Username
    • Password

    If you want yo connect to an existing Database in your organization, someone must provide you this data. If you want to use a local XE database you must have installed it previously, and you should know those 5 pieces of information. The server should be your computer, listener usually runs on port 1521.

    Please make us know exactly what have you installed, I deduct from you message that you just installed SQL Developer but no database,