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Automate database imports from Ansible Tower/AWX

Hi all :)

I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

We are trying to automate database imports from Ansible Tower/AWX.

The script works fine when started from a linux server. Users can look into the dump directory for the available dumps and pass the name of the dump to the import script.

We want to do the same but from Ansible Tower/AWX because users won’t be able login the linux servers anymore. The import script works fine when the dumpfile is known before the launch of the playbook. We can make a separate playbook that does a simple “ls –l” from the import dumps directory so the users can check first what the available dumps are. But we would like to combine both playbooks maybe in a workflow.

We would like to have a survey in de import template/workflow that shows the available dumps where the users can choose from.

Does anyone know how to dynamically generate the dump names in surveys?