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Unsupported column datatype


i'm getting "unsupported column datatype" on selecting columns with e. g. SDO GEOMETRY data type.

I think this problem can occur with other data types as well but i've not checked it out.

Is it possible to fix this with the next release (or at least deliver raw or null for these columns, or just leave it out in the resultset)




  • Christian.Shay -Oracle
    Christian.Shay -Oracle Posts: 1,852 Employee
    edited April 6

    Thanks. As you see we currently don't support User Defined Types (which includes spatial types, nested tables, varrays, etc).

    Is this happening in a script? Or are you primarily using Oracle Explorer to View Data?

    If a script, I assume you can't change the script or it would be difficult to do so?

  • user1353826
    user1353826 Member Posts: 6 Red Ribbon

    Hi, i just use a single statement like select * from table.

    In most cases i don't know if there is a unsupported datatype in the table.

    So for me it would be fine when the query is just showing empty/null value for these columns or a short hint that it can't be displayed.

    Perhaps it could be fixed in the next version.

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