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We're upgrading database first then forms server to 19c

User_TXBTG Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Getting "FRM-10256: User is not authorized to run Oracle Forms Menu". The menu works on the current version of our dev database(12c) but will not work with 19c, I get this message. Roles are same, grants are same. Have property of menu set to "Use Security" is yes then I have four roles listed in Module Roles. Like I said it works currently on dev with 12c db and 12c forms, but not with 19c. When I remove the menu, it works fine but then I don't have anything controlling security to the form. I guess I could write my own security but this is so much better and faster and don't understand why it doesn't work. It's like some object internal to Oracle isn't there that is there in the other database.

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