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Oracle Apex 20.2 CSV and Excel issues with embedded ">" and "≤" characters

bsamuel Member Posts: 25 Blue Ribbon

Hi forum,

Oracle 19c, Apex 20.2

We have a simple interactive report where two of the columns have embedded ">" and "≤" characters in the output. The CSV export replaces the "≤" with simply "=" and the ">" is shown okay. The Excel export reports a problem when opening up Excel to display the file. Removing the column with the embedded ">" makes the problem go away. Clicking "Yes" on the recovery does however open the report with the correct data. Here's a snippet of the IR:

The Excel problem shown is:

And the CSV (which also shows a problem when Excel tries to open it) looks like this in Notepad++:

Has anyone seen this behavior? I saw a previous post about setting the Automatic CSV Encoding "on" which we have by default:

Any help would be appreciated!