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Target Table must be Local Table

How do I resolve the above error message?

I am trying to amend a relational data model by adding a foreign key and I receive the above error message.



  • Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
    Philip Stoyanov-Oracle Member Posts: 3,310 Employee

    those two tables are linked/remote tables from another model/design and they are in read only mode - you only can refer to them but cannot change them. You need to change them in the original model.


  • user10879292
    user10879292 Member Posts: 7 Blue Ribbon

    Hi Philip,

    I have so many questions now...LOL

    Okay so I lost my design 2 years ago and I had to recreate by importing the schemas from the database.

    All this time I did not really need to update the tables and have been improving the application by breaking the applications into modules therefore not really needing to update tables and relationships up until now.

    I don't have a logical model.

    I started with a relational model and created the physical model.

    So to my understanding (and I am beginning to think that I am wrong...LOL) I am updating the original model/design.

    So, how do I (pretty please with cherries on top) change the model/design from read-only to an editable mode?

    The 2 tables exist in the params subview.

    WIth my sincere and deepest gratitude for the assistance.


  • user10879292
    user10879292 Member Posts: 7 Blue Ribbon

    Hi Philip,

    So does this mean I would have to create a new rel. model to make changes to the database? Once the model has been made (somehow) read-only?

    Or is this some sort of a bug?



  • Dave Schleis
    Dave Schleis Member Posts: 213 Silver Badge

    Hello Ralph

    There really is not enough information provided to give a confident answer to your question, but that won't stop me from trying.

    You imply that you are working with a single relational model and a single design. Is this the case?

    When you import a table from a DB into a relational model, this has to be considered the table's "home" model (and design).

    It is possible to share shadow-copies of tables across models and design by clicking and dragging the tables from the browser to a diagram. These images of the table are designated by the chain link symbol in the upper left of table representation in the diagram.

    A table can only be modified in its home model. This is where it is assumed to have full context. The shadow copies are simply representations of the table as it exists in its home.

    In your example, when you draw a foreign key in the diagram, SDDM tries to modify the target table, but it cannot because it not in its home model, hence the error.

    You can create modifiable copies of tables by right-clicking and selecting copy, and then pasting in another model, but when you do this, you are creating an independent copy that is no longer tied to its original, imported version.

    hope this helps


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