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How to execute the query at cursor

User_PVPUC Member Posts: 3 Red Ribbon

New to SQL Developer when forced to leave TOAD. Trying to execute one query of several on the page without highlighting. All of the mentions I have found on Google are obviously from very old versions.

Best Answer


  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith Member Posts: 2,853 Silver Trophy
    edited April 9

    F9 - Run Statement will run the statement under the cursor, or all highlighted statements. The large green arrow in the toolbar is also Run Statement. Ctrl-Enter also works.

    F5 - run worksheet will run the entire worksheet. The green arrow on a page in the toolbar is the equivalent.

    You need to have your statements terminated by semi-colons (or slashes for PL/SQL blocks) for it to work.

    This hasn't changed since the orignal pre release days (Project Raptor), so your old versions instructions from google should work.

  • User_PVPUC
    User_PVPUC Member Posts: 3 Red Ribbon
    Accepted Answer

    Thank you, Jim. It was the semi-colons that I had neglected to add. I got used to not having to add them while using TOAD.

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