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Apex Application multiple user logged concurrently on the same PC?

Frantisek Mika
Frantisek Mika Member Posts: 47 Blue Ribbon

Does exist reliable and secure solution to enable multiple users to log concurrently on the same PC?

In my workspace I have a set of applications - one app is "leading" with logging and core functionality pages, other apps are linked through shared cookie.

It works fine when just one user is logged on the PC. However, I found, there are some problems when two or more users are authenticated and logged to this app on the same PC. Respectivelly, there is mismatch in collections datasets, etc.

My question is how to keep full control over multiple user (if it is possible at all)?

In other word - First I log in app A as a user U1, next I log in app A in new browser tab as a user U2, keeping user U1 logged.